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Thursday, 15 September 2016

October Trading Plan And The Featured Post - 3

As we have no intention to write new post repeating the probable same stop and reverse trade signals at 12pm 6pm technical trend indicator, readers traders are advised to come back to the same post in finding the 12pm 6pm trading signals.

Therefore, we hereby give a name for the technical trend indicator - Indicator 12pm6pm. It is not the same technical trend indicator in the Featured Post.

We will post all the stop and reverse trade signals in this post with dates for readers traders to refer until end of this September before starting a new post. Thus, just come back to this post for all the updates.

  • (19/9 update for 6pm) - Cut Loss Turn Buy if 6pm is closed above 2609. Change of contract month is definitely a headache issue. The short 2589 has an artificial profit of 30 over tick due to change of contract month from November to December where December is traded lower and therefore it is making artificial floating profit of 30 ticks in the continuous 3rd active contract month chart of cpo futures. However, cpo futures has actually traded above 2600 on November contract and big losses will happen for the short 2589. Let's wait and see how much is the damage for 12pm6pm indicator when the stop and reverse trade signal is triggered.
  • (19/9 AMENDED update for 6pm) - Cut loss turn buy if 6pm is closed above 2605 without taking into consideration on any unforeseen circumstances. No doubt the 12pm6pm indicator had cut loss turned long already at 12pm today if there was no change of contract month November to December, we will still systematically follow the continuous 3rd contract month chart and used December contract month since the morning trading session that was traded below 2605. 
  • (20/9 update Long 2643) - November 2692 and December 2643 close was a painful stop and reverse trade signal being triggered at 6pm yesterday after seeing change of contract month and widening spread in November December. The short 2589 was cut loss at 2692 in November contract and initiated a buy 2643 in December contract. Theoretical loss was 54 ticks (2589-2643) but the ACTUAL losses was 103 ticks (2589-2692). We will start looking at the long 2643 from now on with the 12pm6pm indicator's guide where its stop and reverse sell trade signal is very low today at 2545 or lower (without any unforeseen circumstances). Accumulated profits has theoretically dropped to 372 ticks.  
  • (21/9 update Long 2643) - Sell if 12pm below 2612. The stop and reverse sell signal is adjusted much higher now and we will update 6pm trade signal here also after 12pm today. Sell if 6pm below 2624 today, otherwise hold on the long 2643. It is much lower than the current price 2708 at 1230pm.
  • (22/9 update for Long 2643) - Sell if 12pm below 2630 or sell if 6pm below 2635 without taking into any unforeseen circumstances, and may have to be adjusted accordingly based on a systematical approach. Otherwise, hold on the long 2643.
  • (23/9 update for long 2643) - Sell if 12pm below 2641 or sell if 6pm below 2647. Again, this is without taking into any unforeseen circumstances based on the systematical approach.
  • (26/9 update for long 2643) - Sell if 12pm below 2648. We had seen the highest 2729 after the long 2643. We will only update 6pm trade signal after 12pm today. We will see a sell signal if 6pm is closed 2655 or else hold on the long again. This is the last trading week for September.
  • (27/9 update for Long 2643) - Sell if 12pm below 2661. Sell if 6pm below 2667. Otherwise, hold on the long 2643.
  • At 6pm close just now (27/9), the 12pm6pm indicator hit a sell signal at 2663, making 20 ticks against it long 2643. We will focus on the short 2663 tomorrow.
  • (28/9 update for Short 2663) - The accumulated profit had been raised to 392 ticks in 30 stop and reverse trades after turned sell 2663 at 6pm yesterday. Buy if 12pm is traded above 2673 or else hold on the short 2663 and wait for 6pm trade signal which we will update it after 12pm today. Again, the trade signal is based on a systematical approach without taking into any unforeseen circumstances. 6pm trade signal - cut loss turn long if cpo is closed above 2677. 
  • (29/9 update for short 2663) - The short 2663 will cut loss turn long if 6pm cpo futures is only closed above 2675. We will probably see the short 2663 carry forward to October but let's wait for another one more day before we start the new post.  
  • (30/9 update for short 2663) - It is believed that the profit or loss for short 2663 will be carried forward to October as the stop and reverse buy signal is high today. 2774 for 12pm and 2668 for 6pm without taking into any unforeseen circumstances. Last accumulated profit was 392 ticks when the 12pm6pm indicator turned selling 2663.

October Trading Plan And The Featured Post - 2

There is no use to talk about how much a technical trend indicator can make in its accumulated profits if traders cannot take the heat of multiple losing trades. As shown in the precious post, the accumulated profit of 426 ticks per contract size basis may not be as good as others, it it perhaps a good start for new readers traders to learn on how to systematically follow a technical trend indicator.

28 stop and reverse trades in last 8 months or less than 4 trades per month will seriously test traders' patient in such a volatile market. (No doubt it is not a complete table here, we wish readers traders do learn in data collection which is the most important for trading success.)

We are writing and focusing on multiple losing trades again that will most probably occur in the next three months on cpo futures. Readers traders must learn to cope the pressure of multiple losing trades if they are seriously interested to use technical trend indicators.

Here is the simple table for readers traders to follow with the 426 ticks accumulated profits: