Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2133 Stop Loss 2150

Stop loss 2150 is actually to protect some profits if you are holding more than 1 lot in cpo futures hourly technical trend trading using indicator Y as your guide.

There is still no sign of stop and reverse sell trade signal being adjusted higher than 2150. Therefore, it is believed that the 4pm, 5pm and even the 6pm trade signal will be remained buying without taking into consideration the higher high or lower low data in the afternoon hourly trading sessions. 

By now, traders should realize how wide the range in using indicator Y which means traders may need to sacrifice huge floating profit if cpo futures does go to 2150 from the current closing price 2212! Good or Bad? Just read back the previous post. 

Indicator Y - Long 2133 Will Hold On

Even though cpo futures prices go below 2200, the long 2133 using indicator Y in short term technical trend trading will remain for next few hourly trading sessions since the stop and reverse sell trade signals still below 2150. 

Following indicator Y will need to stand the heat of high volatility of prices but as long as the trend is right it will be probably to see a good result in discipline a sincere technical trend trading habit to be practiced by a trader, the end result is basically to build trader's own trading rhythm. It is believed that majority of technical trend indicators also inherit such a principle for trading success

October month is just started and we are using the September month 2133 long that being carried forward, and it will have high possibility in generating profit in the first trade for the October month as long as cpo futures can maintain above 2150 in next few trading sessions.

Indonesia - New plantation law limits foreign ownership

The House of Representatives on Monday passed the plantation bill, which sets stricter rules on foreign ownership in the plantation sector so as to prioritize smaller local investors.

The limitation is to have no specific percentage value, although the House’s Commission IV has previously demanded a 30 percent foreign ownership cap.

Instead, the law allows the central government to limit direct foreign investment in Indonesia’s growing plantation sector, notable for its palm oil, of which Indonesia is the world’s number one producer and exporter.

Foreign ownership in the plantation sector will be capped through government regulations (PPs). The limits, according to the new law, are to be based on the type of crop, the size of the producing company and certain geographical conditions.

A strict foreign ownership cap would discourage foreign investment in the upstream plantation sector, but a less stringent one, made general by the new law and specified by a PP, would be acceptable, according to the Agriculture Ministry’s director general for plantations, Gamal Nasir.

“If foreign ownership were restricted to 30 percent, foreign investors would lose interest in investing in Indonesia and would look to other countries with more open investment rules,” said Indonesian Palm Oil Producers Association (Gapki) executive director Fadhil Hasan....

Firms have been given five years to comply with the new law...

Source: The Jakarta Post

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2133 Remain At 1130am And 1230pm

Since it is still remained far below from the current cpo futures and also below its long 2133, the 60-minute indicator Y will have basically no stop and reverse trade signals because it will be a bad sell if cpo futures price hit below the long 2133, and it is believed that there will be no strong reason to sell below the long 2133. 

Without considering any higher highs or lower lows, it is believed that the long 2133 will be carried forward to next month, October, and therefore the profit and loss will also be brought forward to next month. If the profit is brought forward, it is a loss for the month of September (refer back previous post to find the profit and loss for September)

There will be no update for afternoon trading sessions if the stop and reverse sell trade signals remain far below 2150, and therefore indicator Y will be considered as holding on the long 2133.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2133 Will Remain For 5pm and 6pm

The 60-minute indicator Y on cpo futures will remain Long 2133 for 5pm and 6pm since it is hard to see the cpo futures prices traded below 2150 in the last 3 hourly trading sessions. Therefore, the stop and reverse sell trade signals will not be given here since it is still below 2133 level.