Friday, 31 July 2015

Palm Oil Short 2184 - A Bad Start In The 2nd Half For Year 2015

No doubt there is still over 10% "gross" rate of return for the accumulated profit on the FCPO short term technical trend indicator Y, it is a losing month for the month of July, and it is therefore a bad start for the second half of the year 2015.

Since we foresee the short 2184 using the indicator Y will not be able to record its profit or loss by end of today, the monthly accumulated loss is 79 ticks for July. It is the biggest monthly accumulated loss since the beginning of year 2015.

Seven months only accumulated realized gross profits of 95 ticks or $2,375 per contract size basis. Based on the $20,000 risk capital ratio on per contract size basis or it is basically 800 ticks capital needed to trade a single lot of FCPO, the gross realized rate of return is 11.875% (i.e. 95 / 800 x 100) based on the last selling price 2184. Refer to the Beta page for details.

It is a long journey to reach 400 ticks half way target we wish to get like what FKLI had done using the indicator Y trading guides.  

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Indonesia Palm Oil Export Tax System

Based on the latest news, the Indonesia Finance Ministry imposed export taxes on palm oil at all levels as follows:

(The above taxes had to be paid alongside the US$50 levy that came into effect this month too. For example, if cpo reference price is at $777, exporters pay $50 + $3 taxes.)

The above table is taken from Indonesia-Investments website.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Palm Oil Short 2184 - 1879 Target?

Why 1879 target? If readers traders ask such a question, readers traders are advised to go back the previous articles and digest further what we try to mention all this while.

Be frank, be simple... Where is the next 400 ticks profit target level based on the sell 2184 now? Remember we mentioned 2445 target, it is not valid any more since it is a sell signal now at 2184, think about it!

(Previous write-up) 400 - 95 = 305; so, 2184 - 305 = 1879!!! Yes, 1879 only hit the 400 ticks target we eagerly wanted since the beginning of this year!

It is basically the half year mark for the yearly performance target  that we wish to have, so the short 2184 using the indicator Y wish to see cpo futures price hit 1879 in order to reach the 400 ticks target.

Since it is near end of July, the 400 ticks target will most probably not be hit. Another delay again as compared to FKLI which had already achieved the 400 ticks target in June as readers traders can see in the BETA page!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Palm Oil Long 2192 - Sell Buy Sell?

Sell Buy Sell ? Yes! After turning long 2192 as mentioned in the previous post, the cpo futures technical trend indicator Y short term trend trading had been hit with multiple losing trades without being published in the CPO Futures blog! (We did inform readers traders earlier that no updates on stop and reverse trade signals!)

First, the indicator Y took small profit turned sell 2197 against the long 2192, but it later cut loss 22 ticks turned long 2219, and then again, it cut loss 35 ticks turned sell 2184 in the morning trading session Friday today.

Six stop and reverse trade signals in July incurred accumulated losses 79 ticks as of today! How much the accumulated profits now? 95 ticks from 174 ticks made in the first six months! Can readers traders feel the fear and greed?

Where is the next 400 ticks profit target level based on the sell 2184 now? Not 2445 any more since it is a sell signal now at 2184, think about it!

400 - 95 = 305; so, 2184 - 305 = 1879!!! Yes, 1879 only hit the 400 ticks target we eagerly wanted since the beginning of this year!

Focus on the short 2184 now and see whether cpo futures price can hit 1879 or not.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Palm Oil Long 2192 - Target 2445?

It is always our primary objective in motivating more readers traders to have own researches on technical trend trading using all kinds of technical trend indicators with systematical methods like what we have kept writing all this while. (Hope that we really motivate you especially after reading our two books!)

Do it yourselves in a spreadsheet format by recording all the trades and trade signals as shown in the Beta page can help you track down all kinds of possibilities! For example, why we kept mentioning the different profit targets since the beginning of this year, seeing the indicator Y turned buy and turned sell in finding its 400 ticks profit targets to help readers traders do some soul searching.

So, what is the 2445 meant to you and what do you know about 2445?

It is the 400 ticks profit target that we wish to get! The cpo futures price must go to such a "high" level in this single trade so that we can call it a day that we have achieved the half way mark of year 2015 which FKLI had already hit it much earlier as you can see in the Beta page.

FKLI is the winner in year 2015 in competing with FCPO for the 400 ticks half way mark of year 2015 based on the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides!
New readers traders on indicator Y are advised to view the Learning Corner first. We try our best to post every stop and reverse trade signal ONE hour in advance if there is a clear indicative price. Otherwise, hold on the trades accordingly as given in the title of the posts.

Read the old articles from September 2014 and also the 40s articles in from the beginning will help new readers traders to familiarize yourselves what we are talking about. Go to in finding the past of "CPO Futures Local".

Those who have 101indicators On Futures Trading book, you have extra thing to compare, read them and you will find your trading rhythm in trading success.

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