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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Indicator Y Short 2223 - 6pm Cut Loss Turn Long?

The hourly indicator Y short 2223 will have to cut loss and turn long if cpo futures price is closed 2230 and above at 6pm today. This 6pm stop and reverse buy signal is adjusted much lower now and will probably trigger a buy signal at 6pm.

Just a record, the cpo futures price was lasted traded 2233.

5th Losing Trade in a row...Multiple Losing Trades as always mentioned in previous posts!

Indicator Y Short 2223 - 5pm SAR Near 2249

The hourly indicator Y short 2223 will still hold on its short position at 5pm since the 5pm stop and reverse buy signal will not be triggered yet. Just for record, cpo futures price was last traded at 2232 at 4pm.

If 5pm cpo futures price is traded above 2230, the 6pm stop and reverse buy trade signal will be adjusted much lower than 2249 high based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides.

This will be the 5th losing trade if the stop and reverse trade signal is triggered at 6pm later today.

Indicator Y Short 2223 - SAR Above 2249 High

It is like a kind of psychology and physical training on seeing the cpo futures prices traded between 2227 and 2211 level. Sit tight and wait for the stop and reverse trade signal to be set in clear mode, readers traders will have to be patient enough as the SAR above 2249 high is basically won't be the exact level for cut loss turn long yet.

Therefore, even cpo futures price is traded above 2249 at 4pm sharp, that short 2223 will still have to hold on until 5pm based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides which the 5pm stop and reverse buy signal will be given after 4pm but definitely before 5pm for readers traders to read.

If cpo futures price is between 2234 and 2249 at 4pm later today, the hourly indicator Y will probably adjust its 5pm stop and reverse buy signal below 2249.

Indicator Y Short 2223 - Is Struggling Again!

The cpo futures price is kept trading near the hourly indicator Y short 2223 and this will definitely put more pressure to see where will be the stop and reverse buy signal, but it is still believed that the 1230pm stop and reverse signal is far up high above 2249 and therefore will not be quoted at the moment.

Less than three trading days means the hourly indicator Y will see only another 10 over hourly data range which will probably not able to help putting the good figures for the month of November profit and loss.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Indicator Y Short 2223 - Off The Low 2187

It is definitely a stress month with full of fear and greed in this November which will only have another three more trading days to find out the accumulated profit or loss.

The hourly indicator Y is still holding on the short position at 6pm today which the cpo futures market has basically wiped out 36 points of floating profit against its short 2223 from the low 2187 to the high 2223.

The hourly indicator Y is finding no stop and reverse buy signal at 1130am tomorrow. Update will be more frequent since its stop and reverse trade signals may be adjusted lower after 1230pm tomorrow unless cpo futures price is traded near to the low 2187 again.

Indicator Y Short 2223 - Trend Lower Now

The hourly indicator Y short 2223 is getting comfortable with break even level at low 2187 today from its accumulated losses in November but it is still far away from its 153 points losses in the multiple losing trades. Again, forget about the profit first, it is more important to recover the losses and by how much will this trade generate.

After hitting low 2187, the short 2223 generated 36 points of floating profit which helped reducing the November accumulated loss (36 points too) to break even level. It is still no stop and reverse buy trade signals yet for the afternoon trading sessions at 4pm and 5pm, and even 6pm will probably get no buy signal too.

Readers traders who wish to put your own comments just feel free to write in the above survey or refer to the details in the learning corner - "a comment from reader trader" - in the right column of this blog.

Market Watch - Cheap Oil May Be A Sign Of Bigger Problems

How low can the oil price go? One of my favorite strategists, Russell Napier of (former) CLSA fame, who has now gone independent, used to say that it was hard enough to get the direction right, and nearly impossible to get the target price right. All forecasts are inherently flawed in nature as they try to project into the future, and none of us are clairvoyant.

we know that the cash cost of shale oil is about $60 per barrel...

So, yes, I think the oil price can decline below $60.

Yes, China has had three real-estate downturns in the past seven years, but the latest one is coming at a time of debt-driven boom, which means the consequences this time can be quite different.

...so the decline in the Chinese real-estate market has the potential to create a domino effect there in 2015.

If China does decelerate well below 7% in 2015, an oil price target in the $30 to $40 range is completely realistic. Such predictions may sound dramatic in theory, but in the end, what we are after here in these pages are the investment implications of macro trends. Looking at the world from a top-down perspective is not meaningful if it does not produce actionable ideas. Clearly, I see downside potential for oil, which suggests one should consider gravitating toward investments that make their money on volume and not on price in the oil market.

(Ivan Martchev is an investment specialist with institutional money manager Navellier and Associates.) 

Source: Market Watch.

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