Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Stop And Reverse Trade Signals For Year 2016

This is about a plan in publishing the stop and reverse trade signals for the whole year 2016 without giving a single comment and also without taking into any unforeseen circumstances. They will be "much" delayed trade signals but may probably help our 101indicators traders to have their own mind-mapping trading rhythms and soul searching for the right disciplines in finding out their most comfortable technical trend indicators.

As you could see in the last THREE months in year 2014 and year 2015 where we wrote the stop and reverse trade signals using different technical trend indicators, we will try our very best in doing the same for the whole full year in 2016 for readers traders to digest on a technical trend indicator but no updated comments. Read the old posts to familiarize yourselves about our write-ups.

Just keep coming back to see whether we post up any trade signal in finding the right momentum or not.

Remember - data collection, fear and greed, multiple losing trades in achieving trading success! Be a disciplined trader. You must have lifelong interest in the market observation on CPO Futures if you wish to be 101indicators traders, Take your time on IDEA it, MODEL it and followed by ANALYSE it then TEST it and FINE TUNE it.

The Stop And Reverse Trade Signals For Year 2016 for a technical trend indicator with ALL the longs and shorts will be published here (expectation: 50 to 70 stop and reverse trades):
  1. Long 2426 +39 (against the short in December 2015)
  2. Short 2434 +8
  3. Long 2455 -21
  4. Short 2361 +7
  5. Long 2475 -14
  6. Short 2585 +110
  7. Long 2564 +21
  8. Short 2533 "-31"
  9. Long 2535 -2
  10. Short 2523 -12
  11. Long 2549 -26
  12. Short 2542 -7
  13. Long 2562 -20 (total 6 multiple losing trades)
  14. Short 2657 +95
  15. Long 2687 -30 (end 1st Quarter +117 ticks)
  1. Short 2723 +36
  2. Long 2688 "+35"
  3. Short 2697 +9
  4. Long 2622 +75
  5. Short 2595 -27
  6. Long 2611 -16
  7. Short 2650 +39 (20/5 update: hit 400 ticks target level?!)
  8. Long 2558 +92 (26/5 update: accumulated 360 ticks only.)
  9. Short 2603 +45 (30/6 update: end 2nd Quarter +288 ticks)
  1. Long 2398 +205 (4/7 update: biggest profit of the year!)
  2. Short 2374 -24 (5/7 update: will multiple losing trades start?!)
  3. Long 2294 +80 (18/7 update: good profit.)
  4. Short 2264 -30 (19/7 update: losing trade.)
  5. Long 2300 -36 (19/7 update: 2 losing trades in 1 day.)
  6. Short 2304 +4
  7. Long 2307 -3
  8. Short 2288 -19
  9. Long 2320 -32 (29/7 update: 3 bad trades!)
  10. Short 2313 -7 (2/8 update: 4 multiple losing trades now!)
  11. Long 2346 -33 (2/8 update: 5th Multiple Losing Trade!)
  12. Short 2531 +185 (22/8 update: 101indicators Hit 800 ticks much earlier!!!)
  13. Long 2578 -47 (23/8 update: losing trade.)
  14. Short 2561 -17 (25/8 update: 2nd losing trade.)
  15. Long
  16. Short
  17. Long 
  18. Short
Year 2016 Accumulated Profit and Loss = 117+288 = 405 ticks from 24 (15+9) stop and reverse trades as at the end of 30/6/2016 (will only be updated after the first quarter or sum it up yourselves from the above longs and shorts).

Note: this is a computerized model of trading strategy NOT making own calls trading strategy. We will write more updates and announce it here in due course.

(On 22/8 update, as we know the rollover might generate more profit but it was never be recorded in the system. Traders can see the previous long 2346 on 2/8 was October contract month against the short 2531 on 22/8 was November contract month. This is because we wish to have a systematical data collection year after year.)

Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Summary Of 101indicators Yearly Performance 2015

This year is a drubbing year for one technical trend indicator under the data collection of 101indicators On Futures Trading with over 150 (amendment : 118 not 150) stop and reverse trade signals. It generates less than 30% yearly rate of return based on the $20,000 risk capital ratio.

One interesting observation... the last 3 years in a row, every last quarter, the Q4, hit with red. In year 2013, the Q4 incurred 121 ticks of losses. In year 2014, the Q4 incurred 60 ticks of losses. In this year 2015, the Q4 incurred over 200 ticks of losses ( if no sell signal today! ). Year 2013 was a moderate year but 2014 was a good year, and readers traders can find the results in the old posts since profit is not an important issue to discuss here.

With a conservative $20,000 risk capital per contract size basis as mentioned in this blog, the 220 ticks losses in November would make traders facing more than 25% losses from the risk capital. There was one technical trend indicator incurred total 439 ticks losses in two months (October and November), and it had more than 50% losses from the $20,000 risk capital. How will readers traders feel if you only use $10,000 as risk capital? Fear not and still Greed?

No doubt they all generated profits when we summarized them from the monthly accumulated profit and loss table, can readers traders follow them year after year? One of technical trend indicators that made more than 1200 ticks this year but what about previous years and next year 2016 onwards?

Last but not least, we have done our best in this CPO Futures blog by telling readers traders about data collection, fear and greed, and the most important technical jargon... Multiple Losing Trades. This is more important than profit because once you are able to manage your losses, you will have no worry on profits in accumulating wealth as long as your technical trend indicators have proven yearly track records.

Recap: technical trend trading is 30/70 game that is less than 30 percent profit trades while more than 70 percent losing trades that can really stress traders. Thus, can you take such a pressure especially on the 70% losing trades or even more?

Happy And Prosperous New Year 2016.