Friday, 27 March 2015

New Readers Traders On CPO Futures Blog

We wish to encourage new and also existing readers traders on this CPO Futures blog to read the articles in the learning corner (on the right column in the main page) especially about the basic criteria of the short term technical trend indicator Y in order to familiarize yourselves what we always post on the stop and reverse trade signals write-ups.

Keep in mind that the basic criteria can be practiced on other technical trend trading too. For readers traders who have purchased our books, read the books 100 times! Compare the books with what we are writing here may help you finding a right trading rhythm since you have extra reading materials in setting your trading discipline as guided in the books.

Read the old articles in the by comparing the 101indicators On Futures Trading book does help many in soul searching for a right trading rhythm in trading success, and therefore, we wish you all the best and get a good trading rhythm.

Remember: Be a disciplined technical trend trader and you will succeed in trading.