Friday, 20 September 2013

The Data In 101indicators Blog

As a start for short term technical trend traders on cpo futures 60-minute technical trend trading, I will give an indicator that has stop and reverse (SAR) trade signals that much easier to remember even though the SAR may be changed after posting this write up which I will not have time to update instantly.

If traders wish to check the monthly performance of the indicator, traders may just go click this 101indicators blog and see the data or figures that has been telling all the monthly profit and loss in the DATA page for indicators A, B and C since year 2012 for comparison.

I will only talk on indicator A in FCPO section which is the most easiest for remember on the SAR trade signals. Here is the next 10 trading sessions SAR for 60-minute technical trend trading or until next Monday 6pm - 2326 - after the indicator A turned selling 2323 at 6pm last Wednesday on 18 September and keep holding on. It means at any time as stated below here, trader will do stop and reverse trade based on the 2326 or else just hold on the short 2323.

All the SAR trade signals will be based on the following time: 1130am, 1230pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm, with total 5 trading sessions everyday.