Thursday, 25 September 2014

Indicator Y For October To December 2014

With the expectation of fewer than 10 trades a month, here we are testing to give a technical trend indicator for short term trading strategy for cpo futures. We just wish to name it as Technical Trend Indicator Y using 60 minutes trading parameter ended 1130am, 1230pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm every day. Indicator Y will be given in advance in this blog for trader to make own decision.

For example, if indicator Y will do a stop and reverse buy if 1130am is above 2117, the write up will be given earlier in this blog before 1130am so that traders may try to mark the 1130pm cpo futures price by themselves since it will be too late to update in this blog at 1130am sharp as market may have gone far away.

However, please remind that due to unforeseen circumstances or the stop and reverse trade signals that far away, there will be no update in this blog. Therefore, please do not blame that we are giving late signals. For example, the 60-minute indicator Y had turned long 2133 since 1230pm yesterday and now we shall wait and see how far will the cpo futures price go! Its stop and reverse sell signals will be far below and therefore will not be given today. May be the stop and reverse trade signal will keep holding on until end of this month, and we actually target the updates to be given out only start from October to December.