Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Stop And Reverse Trade Signals (Year 2017)

This is a technical trend indicator which we will try our best to publish and keep updating day after day before 6pm for the year 2017 when the stop and reverse trade signal is getting near. Remember, it will purely be based on the 6pm market close trade signals on CPO Futures. Thus, just view this page everyday before 6pm see whether we do update a new trade signal for your own judgement.

It is believed that the technical trend indicator will never have more than Fifty (50) stop and reverse trade signals over the 200 over trading days in year 2017. We expect about 20 to 40 stop and reverse trade signals only.

Therefore, it is the best indicator to test the extreme of Multiple Losing Trades, Fear and Greed on a technical trend trader for discipline and psychology. For example, 400 ticks losses per contract size basis from the Multiple Losing Trades will really stress a technical trend trader.

New reader traders are advised to read old posts for familiarization on our write-ups since September 2014 and just keep coming back to this page for own review. Please be reminded that all the stop and reverse trade signals will be given in advance at our very best without taking into any unforeseen circumstances, for example, we may miss some updates due to unforeseen reasons and 800 ticks target will NOT be reached (a huge loss is even expected in this post!).

Here is the 2017 stop and reverse trade signals for readers traders to view in advance:
  • 2/2/2017 - Sell / Buy if close below/above [ 3132 ] at 6pm. 
  • Hold on Long/Short [ 2502 ] since 30/5/2017.
  • Target: 800 ticks at price - ? .
Here is the table of stop and reverse trades that will be published in due course:




  • The Long 2713 on 18/10/2016 will only be recorded its profit in 2017. Adjust yourselves on rollover price due to the change of 3rd active contract month. 
  • (6/1 update) If we change the date without changing price, it means no trade signal yet.
  • (10/1 update) We will probably see the first trade signal tomorrow for this year.
  • (5/4) 1st Quarter only have 1 stop and trade on 2/2 (excluding the rollover).
  • (22/6) 2nd Quarter almost end and we only have 3 stop and reverse trades signals ( Excluding the rollover trades ).
  • (15/9) In theory, profit target of 800 ticks per contract had been reached after cpo futures was traded above 2800 early this week. However, we will still base on the stop and reverse trade signal to see the result.