Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What Is The Plan For October To December 2015

There is a simple write-up that we plan for the coming October to December in this CPO Futures blog for readers traders who had purchased our books - 101indicators On Futures Trading and Trading CPO Futures on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives.

Readers traders can also compare the posts that we had published in the three blogs that we own - 101indicators blog, CPYEOH blog and CPOfutures blog - especially since the September 2014. 

We wish that by the time we start in October, you will know what we are writing about. What we are writing in October to December will probably reinforce your mind-mapping trading rhythm. For example, the multiple losing trades, the fear and greed, and data collection for back testing.

Thus, working hard from now for this coming whole week - read, read and read as what we mention above!

If everything works well, we believe that readers traders will have your own good plans for the year 2016 and beyond.