Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Palm Oil Long 1963 - No Magic Hand!

Readers traders, there is no magic wand (or hands!) in learning technical trend trading, all you need to do is discipline, discipline, discipline.

As you can read from the September 2014 (since last year, ok!), we had been kept writing and writing about the stop and reverse trade signals one hour in advance until we stopped in June this year.

Hardworking is the only word that we ask you to preserve if you wish to be a technician in the technical trend trading.

(Don't make money just by luck! Do your work if you want trading success! No Free Lunches! Just remember that anything worth doing is difficult at first.)

Where is our much delayed 400 ticks accumulated profit target?

We will stop and take a longer rest before planning for the next project of indicator Y! Read back the previous post that we are focusing on the long 1963 now.