Friday, 28 August 2015

Palm Oil Sell 1999 - Will It Be Today?

The indicator Y short 1999 on the cpo futures short term technical trend trading has an almost 100 ticks off the low 1863, giving up a big chunk of floating profit and still having stop and reverse buy trade signal at high level.

Feeling the fear and greed!?

However, we will probably see the stop and reverse buy trade signal today, especially in the afternoon trading sessions since the cpo futures price is kept trading higher with the opening price 1952.

We will update the stop and reverse buy trade signal for public viewing only after the indicator Y trade signal is triggered. Not give one hour in advance as what we did in the first half of this year.

101indicators's traders who follow the guidance accordingly from the "101indicators On Futures Trading" book are experiencing the same bad year like the indicator Y trading strategy, generating only about 220 ticks per contract size basis in accumulated profits since the beginning of year 2015.

We still have FOUR more months to record all the profit and loss trades until the end of year 2015 and we will publish the 2015 yearly performance you to compare! Whether you have under-performance or not against technical trend indicators! (Seldom to have out-performance!! Human errors!! Think about it and have your own soul searching.)