Tuesday, 3 January 2017

101 Indicators On 2017

101indicators On Futures Trading book was published in year 2014 through print on demand technique to reach out CPO Futures traders who wish to know the secret of mastering one technical trend trading in a simple way. If you are one of the book owner, you will know why in the page 153.

In response to 101indicators's traders, here is the records in year 2014, 2015 and 2016, generating accumulated gross profits of 966, 34 and 1096 ticks per contract size basis respectively.

How about 101 indicators on 2017? Keep coming back to this page everyday for own review. Eye on 1130am, 1230am, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm everyday.

We try our best keep updating the stop and reverse trade signals here without publishing full table. Please accept our sincere apologies that we may miss out some trading days and no price update due to unforeseen circumstances. Keep coming to see the update below:
  • 29/12/2017 - Buy [ 2504 ] ; Sell [ 2495 ] = [ -9 ] ticks. 
  • Hold on Long / Short [ 2495 ] as of [ 29/12/2017 ] 6pm close. 
  • Accumulated Loss / Profit [ 21] as at the last SAR price at 4pm 29/12/2017
  • Target: 800 ticks at price - FAILED. (1st Half -318 ticks!) (2nd Half +339!)
Advance stop and reverse trade signals for today's date ( 29/12/2017 ):
  • 1130am: Less / More than 2501, Sell / Buy
  • 1230pm: Less / More than 2502, Sell / Buy
  • 0400pm: Less / More than 2502, Sell / Buy
  • 0500pm: Less / More than 2498, Sell / Buy.
  • 0600pm: Less / More than 2500, Sell / Buy. 
  • We will publish some notes in due course. Sorry for not giving out stop and reverse trade signals in advance. Year 2017 started with a loss of 55 ticks per contract size basis.
  • (5/1 update) Familiarize yourselves how we make changes at the above prices and dates with "strikethrough" or cross out text. Total 85 ticks losses in 2 trades and hold on short 3131 now. 
  • (10/1 update) 121 ticks losses in 6 trades, like January last year!? Let's see by end of January.
  • 16/1 update: artificial profit about 40 ticks on change of month due to lower spread.
  • 17/1 update: actual loss 40+10=50 based on lower spread, so, accumulated loss 301 not 261.
  • 27/1 update: we try update trade signal ONE hour in advance at our best after CNY.
  • 3/2 : January -295 ticks based on last selling price 3113.
  • 16/2: Today will have "artificial" huge loss due to change of contract month. 89 ticks losses is artificial but must be recorded accordingly for consistency. No need to record the small profit.
  • 28/2: February -57 ticks based on the last selling price 2980. Thus, March will have profit !!
  • 1/3: off the lowest 2723, turning long 2816 against short 2980 was a big move that reduced the accumulated huge losses from 352 to 188 ticks.
  • 16/3: Artificial huge loss again due to change of contract month? (2733-2816) 83 ticks artificial loss must be recorded for consistency. Spread 75 ticks!
  • 3/4: March -104 ticks based on last selling price 2772. The profit and loss short 2772 will only be recorded in April. Quarterly loss of 456 (295+57+104) is the highest accumulated losses even though it was artificially inflated as we need consistency in data collection.
  • 14/4: change of contract month 50 ticks "profit" will be artificial but must be recorded accordingly for consistency.
  • 2/5: April +104 ticks based on the last selling price 2502.
  • 5/6: May -41 ticks based on the last selling price 2619 on 23/5. Accumulated losses remained very high at 393 on last day of May. Just for record, there was 75 ticks spread on 16/5 that substantially and artificially reduced good profit. 
  • 16/6: Another change of contract month around 50 ticks on spread rollover.
  • 20/6: Even though it is an artificial loss with the sell signal 2466 against the long 2477 due to change of contract month, we record them as loss.
  • 3/7: June +75 ticks based on the last selling price 2454 on 30/6. Accumulated losses 318 ticks on the last day of June. 6 months still in loss even though 2nd Quarter profit 138 ticks (+104-41+75). 
  • 1/8: July +34 ticks based on the last buying price 2556 on 24/7. The losses will be reduced in the next trade but still far away from targeted level. 5 more months to see what is the end results for year 2017.
  • 17/8: due to rollover, indicator turned long 2642 at 1130am.
  • 5/9: August +88 ticks based on the last selling price 2716 on 29/8. September starts with a loss after turning long 2742 this morning.
  • 18/9: Rollover about -25 ticks artificially lower the profits but still have to be recorded for consistency. Sell signal may be triggered at 1130am since new contract month settled 2635, lower than SAR at 2836.
  • 2/10: September -21 ticks based on the last selling price 2749. Accumulated loss is 217 ticks per contract size basis. What will be the last 3 months profit and loss?
  • 31/10: October -41 ticks based on the last buying price 2744. Accumulated loss is 258 ticks. Can last 2 months turn the loss to be a profit year even though target may not be achieved! 
  • 16/11: Rollover based on the -19 spread helped the short price higher. However, indicator price is remained short 2782 for consistency in calculating profit and loss.
  • 30/11: November +200. Turn buy 2604 at 6pm generate 178 ticks and help reducing a lot of losses. One more month to see the yearly result which is believed to be another bad year since it is a mission impossible to hit 800 ticks profit target already.
  • 15/12: Today at 1230pm we finally get an accumulated profit 29 ticks after almost a year! We had started a new post for year 2018 last few days ago with new format of updating and "retired" the book.
  • 18/12: Rollover about 32 ticks making extra artificial profit for the trading system. We will see what is the result of year 2017 another 2 more weeks!
  • 19/12: The profit of 21 ticks is artificial profit. The long 2475 is sold 2470 at a loss if no change of new contract month.
  • 29/12: December +79 ticks based on the last selling 2495. Accumulated profit 21 ticks for the whole year hardwork! I finish this post and wish all traders Happy New Year 2018.