Tuesday, 4 October 2016

October Trading Plan And The Featured Post - 4

We try to leave all the notes in this post for the October trading plan and new readers traders are advised to refer back all the old posts in order to familiarize yourselves how this CPO Futures blog is written to explain its technical analysis.

We encourage readers traders to go through the old posts especially every last quarters write-ups since 2014 and you will probably find something suit your trading rhythm.

In this October, we will only update the stop and reverse trade signals in this post once we believe it is near to hit a stop and reverse trade signal. However, it will definitely be a delay trade signals especially at 6pm where the market had already closed and we wish to apologize for not able to update them in advance like the last few posts. Just keep coming again to this post and see whether we update the trade signals in advance if needed.

As at the end of September, the accumulated profit was 392 per contract size basis, or refer back the previous post for details. The Short 2663 will have it profit or loss being recorded in October.

The 12pm6pm indicator for October:
  1. (4/10 s2663) Eye on the short 2663 with 12pm 2663 and 6pm 2658 stop and reverse trade signal. Let's wait and see what will be the October profit and loss!   
  2. (7/10 s2663) Buy if 12pm is traded above 2617. Please be reminded the 2617 trade signal will be adjusted +/- 1 or 2 ticks due to the trading system in last seconds. Update for 6pm trade signal will be available here after 12pm. Thus, do come back to this post for latest update after 12pm. We will see a buy signal if 6pm is closed above 2613 today.
  3. (10/10 s2663) The short 2663 is still holding on with 6pm trade signal 2595. It means, buy if cpo futures is closed above 2595 at 6pm today.
  4. (11/10 s2663) Buy if cpo futures is closed above 2585 at 6pm today. Otherwise, hold on the short 2663. The short 2663 has finally taken profit and turned long 2615 at 6pm today.
  5. (12/10 L2615) Accumulated profit is raised to 440 ticks per contract size basis after turning long 2615 at 6pm close yesterday with 31 stop and reverse trades in total. We will update the 12pm6pm trade signal later today. Sell if 6pm close below 2587.
  6. (13/10 L2615) We will see a sell signal if 6pm is closed below 2594, otherwise hold on the long 2615. 3 important palm oil analysts are in Malaysia to have their speeches in the afternoon.
  7. (14/10 L2615) Sell if 12pm below 2592. Sell if 6pm below 2594. Otherwise, hold on the long 2615.
  8. (19/10 L2615) The long 2615 saw a good profit at 2800 yesterday. Sell if 6pm is closed below 2654 today.
  9. (20/10 L2615) Sell if 6pm is closed below 2675.
  10. (21/10 L2615) We have 12pm6pm signals at 2684 and 2693 respectively today which is meant the indicator will sell once 12pm below 2684 or wait and sell once 6pm is closed below 2693 today.
  11. (24/10 L2615) The long 2615 will only do stop and reverse sell if 6pm is closed below 2700 at 6pm today.
  12. (25/10 L2615) Sell if 6pm is closed below 2718.
  13. (26/10 L2615) Sell if 12pm is last traded 2734 or lower. Sell if 6pm is closed below 2745.
  14. (27/10 L2615) Sell if 12pm is below 2753, or else wait for 6pm trade signal. Sell if 6pm is closed below 2754.
  15. (28/10 L2615) Another one more trading day and we will go to new post. Will the long 2615 be kept holding on for November plan? Sell if 6pm is closed below 2757 today. 
  16. (31/10 l2615) We will see a sell signal if cpo futures is closed below 2766  at 6pm today. We will publish the new stop and reverse trade signal in a new post for the November trading plan.
We had finally got a sell signal at 6pm at 2764 on the last day of October. It therefore generated a profit of 149 ticks against the long 2615, accumulating profit is now 589 ticks.