Wednesday, 14 September 2016

October Trading Plan And The Featured Post - 1

As we plan to write some updates for readers traders between October and December 2016 as what we did for the past few years and we will therefore insert "The Stop And Reverse Trade Signals For Year 2016" write-up in the Featured Post for easy reference. Readers traders just go to the Featured Post to find up what is the latest update if needed.

We will try our best again to publish stop and reverse trade signals in advance for readers traders in this coming 3 months based on another technical trend indicator that is different from the technical trend indicator in the Featured Post.

Readers traders only need to check yourselves the last traded cpo futures price at 12pm and 6pm respectively against the stop and reverse trade signals published in advance by us.

For example, we will publish a post at 1030am saying a technical trend indicator will show a sell signal at 12pm if cpo futures price is last traded below 2600 at the 12pm time. It is one over hour in advance for readers traders to feel and see what will be the next move. (Just for record, the technical trend indicator turned selling 2589 at 6pm yesterday, generating accumulated profits 426 ticks in 28 stop and reverse trades since the beginning of year 2016.)

We wish to apologize in advance if we fail to publish a stop and reverse trade signal in advance due to unforeseen circumstances.

Remember - data collection, fear and greed, multiple losing trades in achieving trading success!

Be a disciplined trader.