Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Trading Plan 1st to 15th December 2015

As we do not wish to keep publishing new posts in this December as what readers traders could read in the previous two over months, we will probably write TWO posts for all the stop and reverse trade signals and the profit and loss table for December before summarizing the performance for year 2015.

Remember the data collection, fear and greed, multiple losing trades? Be it a delayed stop and reverse trade signals given in this blog based on the 101indicators trading guides, we wish all readers traders have good learning experience from this CPO Futures Blog that we have tried our very best to tell you in finding a trading rhythm for yourselves while searching for trading success from technical trend indicators.

Just keep coming back to this post as we will only publish new updates in this post only.

We will post all the December stop and reverse trade signals at the bottom in this post. One thing for sure, we have the worst monthly accumulated profit and loss data in November and probably also for the yearly performance especially since the 2008 crisis.

So, let's wait and see what will be the result when the year 2015 is over!

The long 2300 in November, as mentioned in the previous post, will have its stop and reverse trade in December and therefore the profit and loss will be recorded in December only.

Focus on the long 2300 until we see the next stop and reverse sell trade signal.


(3/12/2015 @ 1135pm ) The short 2330 cut loss turn long 2343 and therefore we have the 2nd stop and reverse trade signal now as readers traders can see below.

(8/12/2015 @ 1115am) The long 2343 had reached the high 2438 yesterday and we do not have any stop and reverse sell trade signal yet. Thus, just holding on the long 2343 until you see the next trade signal that will be given at the bottom of this post.

(8/12/2015 @ 505pm) If cpo futures price is closed below 2377 at 6pm, the long 2343 will have to do a stop and reverse sell trade. Let's wait and see what is the closing price!

(9/12/2015 @ 225pm) The long 2343 is having stop and reverse sell trade signal higher and higher since it did not turn sell signal at 6pm yesterday. We will only post the new stop and reverse sell trade signal once we have it, or else, we will put an early trade figures before the 6pm close for readers traders to digest.

(9/12/2015 @ 5pm) Sell if 6pm close below 2384 which mean the long 2343 have to take profit turn sell if cpo futures price is closed 2383 or lower at 6pm in about one hour time from now.

(10/12/2015 @ 1133am) We have the 3rd stop and reverse trade signal. The long 2343 had finally turned sell signal at 2358, off from the highest level 2438.

(10/12/2015 @ 255pm) MPOB November production 1.653mt, stock 2.908mt, export 1.499mt as compared to MPOB October production 2.037mt, stock 2.834mt, export 1.712mt.

(11/12/2015 @ 1135am) We had the 4th stop and reverse trade signal and it is a losing trade. Focus on the long 2396 now.

source: RHB report on MPOB data 
(15/12/2015 @ 925am) Today is the last day for this post and we will start a new post tomorrow for the second half for December trading. We will copy the stop and reverse trade signals to the new post too.

Change of contract month with big gap is always an issue but we will no longer discuss it again, new readers traders are advised to read those old posts in finding the story on big gap on contract months.

(15/12/2015 @ 1135am) We have the 5th stop and reverse trade signal today. Just read the below stop and reverse trade signals.


December's stop and reverse trade signals:

1st - Sell 2330 profit 30 ticks (2/12/2015, off 2375 highest)
2st - Long 2343 loss 13 ticks (3/12/2015, off 2317 lowest)
3rd - Sell 2358 profit 15 ticks (10/12/2015, off 2438 highest)
4th - Long 2396 loss 38 ticks (11/12/2015, off 2350 lowest)
5th - Sell 2394 loss 2 ticks (15/12/2015, off 2442 highest)

Monthly Accumulated P & L @ -8 ticks per contract size basis (as of the short 2394).