Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Trading Plan 16th to 31st December 2015

Is historical chart pattern always repeating itself?

Source: Telequote CPO Futures Monthly Chart
Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results, but all technical trend indicators back-testing depend on the past performance data can find future results??? Will you believe it???

Tell your broker (just joking!!!) - This year is a broker's year since you have probably generated a lot of stop and reverse trades for him/her than what you have made. It is believed that the brokerage has taken more than half of the profit.

We will publish the yearly performance on the last trading day of December 2015 while this post is for the December 2015.

Just keep coming back to this post as we will only publish new stop and reverse trade signals in this post only.

We have an "artificial" over 70 ticks spread, and profit that will not be recorded in the Monthly Accumulated Profit and Loss data due to the change of contract month! So, just take it for shopping like what we mentioned in November! It can also be the bonus for year 2015 with over 100 ticks in total for 2 months!


We will just publish the stop and reverse trade signals here in this two weeks without any comments, be them delayed trade signals or not:

December's stop and reverse trade signals:

1st - Sell 2330 profit 30 ticks (2/12/2015, off 2375 highest)
2st - Long 2343 loss 13 ticks (3/12/2015, off 2317 lowest)
3rd - Sell 2358 profit 15 ticks (10/12/2015, off 2438 highest)
4th - Long 2396 loss 38 ticks (11/12/2015, off 2350 lowest)
5th - Sell 2394 loss 2 ticks (15/12/2015, off 2442 highest)
6th - Long 2426 loss 32 ticks (16/12/2015, off 2324 lowest, 50 ticks Go Shopping!)
7th - Sell 2379 loss 47 ticks (17/12/2015, off 2431 highest)
8th - Long 2389 loss 10 ticks (18/12/2015, off 2369 lowest)
9th - Sell 2384 loss 5 ticks (18/12/2015, off 2390 highest)
10th - Long 2391 loss 7 ticks (18/12/2015, off 2379 lowest)
(if there is no sell signal at 31/12/2015, the profit and loss of Long 2391 will only be recorded in year 2016.)

Monthly Accumulated P & L @ -109 ticks per contract size basis (as of 2389 price).