Wednesday, 11 November 2015

November 6th Stop And Reverse Trade

MPOB - what is the official supply and demand figures? Learn to keep such a record too. Ask your brokers and keep your record in your data collection.

Change of contract month due to expiry is another learning area that readers traders need to familiarize yourselves especially when there is a high premium or discount on two different contact months since technical trend indicators will be affected.

The long 2362 had been the 5th stop and reverse trade signal in November. Let's wait and see where is the 6th stop and reverse trade signal! Will it be in the morning trading session today or not?


(1155am write-up) We had the 6th stop and reverse trade signal.

The long 2362 cut loss turn sell again at 2345, incurring another 17 ticks of loss.

Focus in now on the short 2345.


MPOB production 2.037mt, stock 2.834mt, export 1.712mt.