Monday, 9 November 2015

November 5th Stop And Reverse Trade

The short 2345 had finally turned long 2362 today. How many losing trades already in November and what about the multiple losing trades? Fear and greed!

We will publish the stop and reverse sell trade signal once we have it again. Otherwise, focus on the long 2362 from now onward.

Readers traders should be able to notice that the 4th contract month, February contract month, is having more than 50 ticks premium than the current active contract month.

Majority of technical indicators provided by all vendors will blindly follow the new contract month when it is categorized as the active contract month once the spot contract month is expired.

There are two methods to follow: you may continue to follow as what you are given in the continuous chart, or, go to the specific contract month chart.

You will realize there will be different trade signals in the above two methods.

However, it is in data collection for continuous charting that the first method will be followed in order to record the monthly accumulated profit and loss table systematically. You may think the profit and loss may be inflated or deflated but you will be able to normalized them over long period of time if you keep follow the same method.


(530pm write-up) Find back previous posts, readers traders will be able to find the multiple losing trades that we kept talking about since the last week of September.

Look at the last 8 stop and reverse trades - 7 losing trades and 1 break-even trade.

How much was the total losses from the last 8 multiple losing trades? 123 ticks per contract size basis!

Feel the fear and still have the greed?