Friday, 6 November 2015

November 4th Stop And Reverse Trade

We had 3rd stop and reverse trade signal at the 6pm close yesterday in the first week of November.

The long 2345 was triggered with stop and reverse sell trade signal at 2345 too as readers traders can read the previous post on what we did mention before the 6pm close yesterday.

If combine with the October stop and reverse trade signals, the multiple losing trades will be horribly scaring off many readers traders on technical trend trading that based on our trading guides. Find out yourselves how many losing trades already in the multiple losing trades!

However, this is the purpose of our write-up since the beginning of the last week of September that we wish to tell all readers traders about multiple losing trades, fear and greed, and data collection.

Selling 2345 yesterday was a breakeven trade but we will still categorize it as one of the losing trade in our multiple losing trades explanation and write-ups.

Please read back previous posts for self explanation. If readers traders have time, read also the September to December articles in year 2014. Yes, year 2014. There were articles about multiple losing trades stories that we did write to alert readers traders in learning technical trend indicators too.

So, focus is on the short 2345 now. We will publish the 4th stop and reverse BUY trade signal in this post when the time comes. Thus, readers traders just come back to this post for latest update where we will indicate " === " signage for next update.

We will only publish the new title post of 5th stop and reverse trade signal after the 4th trade signal is triggered.


(9/11/2015 Monday morning's write-up) It is believed that the stop and reverse buy trade signal will come in very soon, be it a profit trade or losing trade against the short 2345.

Once the stop and reverse buy trade signal is triggered, we will write about the huge premium in the contract months that will definitely affect the computation of technical trend indicators.