Thursday, 5 November 2015

November 3rd Stop And Reverse Trade

It is painful to see losing trades started from November with monthly accumulated losses of 51 ticks per contract size basis from 2 stop and reverse trade signals only. Floating profit and loss will not be added or subtracted since we only count on stop and reverse trades.

We have the long 2345 in focus now, the stop and reverse buy trade signal was generated in the morning trading session yesterday as readers traders can see it in the previous post.

We have 20 trading days in November and wish to have less than 10 stop and reverse trade signals in generating a good result on the monthly accumulated profit and loss table.

When will we see the 3rd stop and reverse trade signal? Be frank, we don't know until we have it and will publish it for readers traders to digest. Thus, let's wait and see.

Do your data collection, enjoy the fear and greed and be always prepared on the multiple losing trades.

(( Note: The performance of year 2015 will be the worst in past 10 years unless we can see positive in coming two months. Therefore, we still have to wait for the monthly accumulated profit and loss from November and December to confirm.))


(505pm write-up) The long 2345 will end if cpo futures price is closed 2345 or lower at 6pm today. It is trading now at 2369. The long 2345 will continue if no stop and reverse sell trade signal is triggered.

In short, stop and reverse sell if 6pm close 2345 or lower.