Tuesday, 3 November 2015

November 2nd Stop And Reverse Trade

We had the first stop and reverse trade signal at 6pm yesterday in the very first day of November as readers traders can find the early trade signal that being given before 6pm yesterday's close in the previous article.

The short 2328 at the 6pm close incurred 34 ticks of loss against the long 2362 that carried over from October. So, November has started with 34 ticks of loss in the monthly accumulated profit and loss table.

How many multiple losing trades already if we follow the last 10 stop and reverse trade signals?
Answer : 5 (even though it is the 1st trade signal in November)

How much in total the losses from the multiple losing trades?
Answer: -89 ticks (-2-21-2-30-34)

Feel the fear and still have greed!

Keep doing your data collection, do enjoy read the book 100 times!

We will publish the next stop and reverse trade signal or signals (2nd and/or 3rd) in this page when the time comes.

So, just focus on the short 2328 now.


(1130am 4/11/2015 write-up) The short 2328 had to cut loss turn long 2345.

This is the second stop and reverse trade signal in November in just three trading days. Losing 17 ticks while monthly accumulated loss is 51 ticks.

Focus is on the long 2345 now.


(510pm 4/11/2015 write-up) The long 2345 will have to cut loss turn sell if cpo futures price is closed below 2334 today. It is about 50 minutes in advance that we give this trade signal for readers traders to digest yourselves.

If the stop and reverse sell trade signal is triggered, it will be the 3rd stop and reverse trade signal for November.

Focus is still on the long 2345.