Monday, 2 November 2015

November 1st Stop And Reverse Trade

The last one month that readers traders saw on the stop and reverse trade signals had probably accepted with open-minds how a technical trend indicator went through multiple losing trades after generating good profits in the early of the month, from 311 ticks (we marked it to tell readers traders to watch it by end of the month) to only 92 ticks.

Now we are in November, with a long 2362 at 6pm on the last day of October being carried forward, that we will only write when there is a stop and reverse trade signal (please accept our apologies that we may be late in publishing them if there are few stop and reverse trade signals happen in a very short period of time.)

Focus on the long 2362 now!

Do continue data collection, enjoy the fear and greed and let's wait and see whether we will be able to see another multiple losing trades in November.



(1045am write-up) Please keep coming back to this page for the 1st stop and reverse sell trade signal which we will only publish it here when we have it. Otherwise, the long 2362 is remained.

The long 2362 is not November's stop and reverse trade signal, it is just carried over from October and had been recorded in October where we had 16 stop and reverse trade signals in total (refer back to the previous post and readers traders will be able to find it).


(510pm write-up) If cpo futures price is closed below 2344, we will see the 1st stop and reverse trade signal for this month according to the trading guides from the 101indicators On Futures Trading book.

In short, the long 2362 will have to cut loss turn sell if 6pm is 2343 or lower today. Otherwise, hold on the long 2362.