Monday, 23 November 2015

November 11th Stop And Reverse Trade

In such a short period of time, we have published two posts due to the stop and reverse trade signals as readers traders can see in the below summary that we just copy from the previous post with the new 11th stop and reverse trade signal:

1st - Sell 2328 loss 34 ticks
2nd - Buy 2345 loss 17 ticks
3rd - Sell 2345 break-even (still a loss)
4th - Buy 2362 loss 17 ticks
5th - Sell 2345 loss 17 ticks
6th - Buy 2330 profit 15 ticks (extra 50 ticks bonus from rollover! Go shopping :) !!!)
7th - Sell 2306 loss 24 ticks
8th - Buy 2319 loss 13 ticks
9th - Sell 2281 loss 38 ticks
10th - Buy 2301 loss 20 ticks
11th - Sell 2283 loss 18 ticks - Focus on the short 2283 now.

How much is the monthly accumulated losses now? Will it be the worst month for the year 2015?

Having such an experience will definitely not a good taste!!! However, this kind of pressure especially from the multiple losing trades is what we wish to tell all, and we can satisfactorily say that we have statistically done our parts in telling the risk and reward for futures trading.

Keep following our blog until end of this year in finding the yearly performance.