Monday, 23 November 2015

November 10th Stop And Reverse Trade

We have 10th trade signal for the month of November plus multiple losing trades! Therefore, we believe that new readers traders who wish to learn about technical trend indicators will probably understand what we tried hard to explain since the last week of September.

Please read again from the last week of September and you probably pick up something that useful for your trading rhythm. Continue your data collection, enjoy the fear and greed! Read the 101indicators's book 100 times!

To avoid the same mistake, we hereby list down the stop and reverse trade signals and readers trader can just refer the last row to see the latest trade signal:

1st - Sell 2328 loss 34 ticks
2nd - Buy 2345 loss 17 ticks
3rd - Sell 2345 break-even (still a loss)
4th - Buy 2362 loss 17 ticks
5th - Sell 2345 loss 17 ticks
6th - Buy 2330 profit 15 ticks (extra 50 ticks bonus from rollover! Go shopping :) !!!)
7th - Sell 2306 loss 24 ticks
8th - Buy 2319 loss 13 ticks
9th - Sell 2281 loss 38 ticks
10th - Buy 2301 loss 20 ticks

Focus on the long 2301 now until the next stop and reverse trade signal is published.

(New readers traders are encouraged to read back the old articles in order to familiarize yourselves in the CPO Futures Blog. )