Monday, 5 October 2015

Third Trading Day Of October 2015

If readers traders managed to read last Friday's post after 5pm, readers traders should be able to know that the update was actually done after 5pm again for the 6pm closing market trade signal that was given about one hour in advance. What was the trade signal? read the previous post again and readers traders will be able to know what is the trade signal.

Readers traders should understand that we may fail to update a stop and reverse trade signal due to unforeseen circumstances and we wish to make a sincere apology for not able to post stop and reverse trade signals in advance too often especially due to commercialization issues.

For example, we may skip one of a "trading day" title and put all the stop and reverse trade signals in the next "trading day" title in hoping to explain multiple losing trades if it does happen. Or, we are quite sure that that day will not have any chance for a stop and reverse trade signal is triggered.

While "enjoying" the fear and greed, be a disciplined technical trend trader. Read the trading book 100 times!


FCPO long 2150 is still holding on unless cpo futures price is closed below 2384 at 6pm today.