Friday, 2 October 2015

Seond Trading Day Of October 2015

Will we be able to see the stop and reverse trade signal today? There is no sign of any stop and reverse sell trade signal yet based on the trading book, the trade signal is too far below especially in the morning trading session. So, do enjoy the fear and greed!

We will update in this post again if any trade signal is triggered instead of publishing any new post to alert all readers traders. Therefore, readers traders are reminded to come back to this post again twice a day if can (or maximum 5 times a day!).

All you need is just re-visit this post and read the bottom lines see whether we have posted a new stop and reverse trade signal or not. We will indicate a sign " === " to show a new update in the post.


If cpo futures price is closed below 2373, the long 2150 will have to take profit turn selling based on the trading book without take into consideration of any unforeseen circumstances.

So, in short, sell if 6pm 2372 or lower.