Friday, 30 October 2015

Last Trading Day Of October 2015

Here is the table of Long and Short with profit and loss based on per contract size basis, and we will amend it again if there is a stop and reverse trade signal at the end of 6pm today.

SAR s/L Price P&L Notes

1 s 2361 211 Sep trade recorded in Oct.

2 L 2320 41

3 s 2281 -39 Multiple Losing Trades !!!

4 L 2298 -17

5 s 2277 -21

6 L 2314 -37

7 s 2297 -17

8 L 2297 0

9 s 2325 28

10 L 2332 -7

11 s 2326 -6 SAR on 30/10: s2332 (-2) and L2362 (-30)!!!

12 L 2315 11

13 s 2313 -2

14 L 2334 -21

Do not be afraid to follow technical trend trading if you have done your homework well.
After making a stop and reverse trade, please sit down and sit tight, read and read again, think and think again then write down all important words in your diary!

Keep doing your data collection year after year and you will find something good in technical trend trading system.

Don't be afraid to find all the losses since you need to know how much you may face such a big pressure especially in multiple losing trades.

What is the monthly accumulated profit for the month of October? Calculate yourselves from the above table.

Focus the long 2334 which will most likely be carried forward to November and its profit and loss will be recorded in November not October.


(505pm write-up) the long 2334 was hit with another stop and reverse sell trade signal at 2332 with a loss of 2 ticks in the afternoon trading session today that affected the above table where we need to add the short 2332( that is s 2332 with a -2 ticks figures). Therefore, focus now is the short 2332.

If cpo futures price is closed above 2337, the short 2332 will have to do a stop and reverse buy trade again!

What a special and eventful month!


(820pm write-up) It is really a good month in writing about what we wished to show readers traders since publishing in the last week of September.

The short 2332 was hit another loss by doing a stop and reverse buy trade 2362 at 6pm close today. Another 30 ticks loss in just a single trade!

The monthly accumulated profit in October stand at 92 ticks only (much below 311 ticks that we did talk about in the early of October!!!) or $2300 per contract size of gross profit in so many stop and reverse trade signals(16 in total!!!).

Focus will be on the long 2362 that being carried forward to November which is meant the profit and loss will only be recorded in November.