Thursday, 1 October 2015

First Trading Day Of October 2015

Since we started writing in the last week of September, aiming for the three months write-up, we wish to remind new readers traders (and 101indicators's traders too) in the CPO Futures blog that trading success need a lot of hard work and it is time consuming too!

Read back last few days posts and new readers traders should be able to find :
  • ".. miss the stop and reverse buy trade signal 2150 triggered on 21/9/2015..."
Therefore, the first trading day of October is basically doing nothing except watching the long 2150 with floating profit being carried forward into October. This will definitely help the monthly accumulated profit and loss in October. 

Here is the monthly accumulated profit and loss table for year 2015:

As we can see, the worst month was in July, losing 143 ticks. There were 3 months (January, March and July) in this year posted monthly accumulated losses.

We will be able to see what will be the October November December accumulated profit and loss by end of the year. By then, we will be able to know also what is the yearly performance.

So, what will readers traders expect on the yearly performance? How many losing trades we can see in the three months especially on the multiple losing trades? How is the fear and greed as mentioned in the trading book?