Tuesday, 13 October 2015

9th Trading Day Of October 2015

Today is the last trading day for December contract month as active contract month. If the stop and reverse buy trade signal is not triggered today, we will have to look at new contract month, January, which is 30 ticks higher than the December contract month, on Thursday.

With that 30 ticks, the short 2361 based on the 101indicators trading book will probably need to do a stop and reverse trade on Thursday if cpo futures price is closed around 2260 on December contract month.

Therefore, readers traders basically know that we will probably post a new stop and reverse buy trade signal if cpo futures price 3rd active contract month is traded near 2300 level. What if above 2300? Think about it!


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(410pm write-up) There is an error in the above write-up about 3rd active contract month. December contract month last trading day as 3rd active contract month is Thursday not today.

We wish to apologize for the mistake and the above write-up will not be amended for future references in order to remind ourselves in making such a mistake.

The short 2361 had finally done its stop and reverse buy trade at 2320 with only 41 ticks profit, giving up huge floating profit from the low 2216, according to the 101indicators's data collection and trading book. October's accumulated profit was 252 ticks after the 2 stop and reverse trade signals.

We will focus at the long 2320 from now on.