Wednesday, 7 October 2015

5th Trading Day Of October 2015

Do you prepare yourselves with all the data collection in spreadsheet for your own references? be it fundamental or technical, as a technical trend trader, you must familiarize yourselves with MPOB (ex POLA), Cargo Surveyors - Intertek and SGS, and your very own technical trend indicators!

If you don't even know how is your technical trend indicator being calculated, how are you so sure that all your indicators can help you make profits year after year? For sure, it will not be month after month (read back few articles to find the table) or every single trade in positive signs. So, be prepared when you face the multiple losing trades!

We wish to see the multiple losing trades in this three months to show the "fear" in order to learn the "greed" for technical trend trading. It is a kind of discipline that you need to go through if you wish to be a technical trend trader.

So, the short 2361 will be a profit trade? Enjoy your fear and greed!

We will publish the stop and reverse buy trade signal accordingly based on the 101indicators trading book.

New readers traders are advised to read back all the articles or at least from the last week of September this year in following our three months write-ups until this December.


Bloomberg survey :
Sept. 2015 (Survey) vs Aug. 2015 (MPOB) vs Sept. 2014 (MPOB)
Output       2.00 vs 2.05 vs 1.90
Stockpiles  2.70 vs 2.49 vs 2.09
Exports      1.62 vs 1.61 vs 1.64
Imports      0.07 vs 0.06 vs 0.04
Figures are in millions of tons

So, what will be the MPOB September figures when it is released?