Tuesday, 6 October 2015

4th Trading Day Of October 2015

Read back the previous few posts, readers traders should be able to see that the stop and reverse sell trade signals had been kept adjusting higher. Therefore, bear in mind that a stop and reverse sell trade signal will be triggered one day but we will not be able to tell you when is the time even though we can give an early trade signal like one hour in advance and they are definitely higher and higher.

The long 2150 had only recorded a high of 2460 on cpo futures prices so far after turning buy signal based on the trading book. Will we be able to see higher than 2460?

Readers traders are reminded that all data collection in our system may have some different as compared to yours, for example, the closing price and the settlement price will different and this will probably affect stop and reverse trade signals.

Multiples losing trades on one trader will not be the same with the other trader if data collection on both traders are not the same.

Fear and greed will definitely not the same too for all traders who have different risk capital.


(1240pm write-up) We will probably see a stop and reverse sell trade signal is triggered in the afternoon trading session today. We will publish the stop and reverse trade signal ONLY after it is triggered today but will publish again ONE HOUR IN ADVANCE for the 6pm trade signal for readers traders to prepare especially for overnight decision that is very important for all technical trend traders.


(410pm write-up) From the high 2460, we can finally declare that the long 2150 had done its stop and reverse sell trade with nearly 100 ticks lower even though it was still a profit against the long 2150! Feel the fear and still have the greed!? Will we be able to see multiple losing trades in this three months?

We will focus on the short 2361 from now based on the trading book data collection on stop and reverse trade signals.

October started with a profit of 211 ticks that due the long 2150 in September carried forward.


(525pm write-up) If cpo futures price is closed 25 ticks higher from the short 2361, cut loss turn long.