Wednesday, 28 October 2015

19th Trading Day Of October 2015

Three more trading days and we will sum up the result for the month of October.

If readers traders did read the last week of September that we mentioned about 30 stop and reverse trade signals in the three months, we had seen more than 10 stop and reverse trade signals in this month. Will the next two have less than ten trade signals in each month?

We did see six multiple losing trades (5 continuous losing trades + 1 breakeven trade) in October which told us that the multiple losing trades in this month was actually not a big number as compared to our data collection.

However, we had basically achieved our mission in telling readers traders to face such a pressure in following technical trend trading system like the one in 101indicators Futures On Trading book.

How much was the accumulated losses from the multiple losing trades in October?

Do not just think of monthly accumulated profit you can make! If you fail in multiple losing trades, you will still fail in accumulating wealth!

Keep doing your data collection, enjoy the fear and greed! Focus on the long 2315.


(510pm write-up) Readers traders who followed our articles may have save some losses without following the stop and reverse trade signals that happened in the afternoon today since we did not published the trade signals. However, 101indicators traders have no luck in facing today's losses!

There were sell signal 2313 (-2 ticks) and buy signal again at 2334(-21 ticks). The long 2334 will be holding on unless cpo futures price is closed below 2318. Thus, what is the monthly accumulated profit now as of the long 2334?

Focus is now on the long 2334.