Tuesday, 27 October 2015

18th Trading Day Of October 2015

Focus on the short 2326 and keep doing your data collection as a kind of discipline training.

Answers for the previous post:

Q: How many stop and reverse trade signals had been generated in this month?
A: October's stop and reverse trade signals : 11 in total now (3 profit trades, 1 breakeven trade and 7 losing trades.)

Q: How much is the monthly accumulated profit and loss as of the last short 2326?
A: The monthly accumulated profit is 136 ticks per contract size basis (as of the short 2326 excluding the floating profit of 47 ticks according to the settlement price 2279).

Data collection? Fear and greed? Learn the pressure of multiple losing trades?

Be a disciplined 101indicators trader.


(505pm write-up) The short 2326 had to do a stop and reverse buy trade in the afternoon trading session today after its buy trade signal was triggered according to the 101indicators trading guides.

In short, The short 2326 took small profit and turned long 2315 today.

Focus on the long 2315 from today unless what is happening at the following explanation:

If cpo futures is closed below 2315, cut loss turn sell again; otherwise hold on long 2315.

Feel the heat of fear and greed!