Friday, 23 October 2015

16th Trading Day Of October 2015

This is the 4th Friday for October, readers traders had basically seen and learned the stop and reverse trade signals that generated profit and loss for every single trade. Read back the previous posts if you do miss something. We did make amendment due to errors we had made and please read back the last two posts and you will be able to see the amendment messages.

The long 2297 had reached high 2379 yesterday but it is still not enough to recover the losses incurred by the six multiple losing trades. Monthly accumulated profit still stood at 121 ticks excluding the floating profit from the long 2297. Remember the 311 ticks profits at one time we wrote about it in early October? Will we see it again by end of October?

We will probably be able to write the result for the monthly accumulated profit and loss on the 5th Friday of October which is the last trading day in October. Let's wait and see!

Again, two profit trades, five losing trades and one breakeven trade (therefore we have six multiple losing trades), how many stop and reverse trades we did mention we started to talk about them in the last week of September?

Keep doing data collection - it is a kind of discipline that you need to do if you are following the trading book.


(1130am write-up) The long 2297 took profit 28 ticks and turned selling 2325 based on the 101indicators's trading book.

Focus is now on the short 2325.


(530pm write-up) The short 2325 had cut loss 7 ticks and turned long 2332 in the afternoon trading session today. It will have to cut loss turn selling again if cpo futures price is closed below 2332 (that is the long price 2332).