Thursday, 22 October 2015

15th Trading Day - Fear And Greed

The long 2297 will be holding on as long as cpo futures prices is traded above yesterday's low 2339 which is just a guide that does not mean the stop and reverse sell trade signal will be triggered. We will only publish the stop and reverse sell trade signal when it happens.

SEVEN (amendment 23/10/2015: Six not Seven!) multiple losing trades that will probably enough to let readers traders learn the fear and greed about technical trend trading in short term cpo futures trading on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives. We may categorized them as mission accomplished in telling readers traders about risk management.

Remember, read the book 100 times will mostly benefit yourselves than read 100 books in you want to do technical trend trading system!

New readers traders are advised to go through the old articles from end of September 2015 and also end of September 2014 too that we did talk a lot about Multiple Losing Trades, Fear & Greed and Data Collection.

Be a disciplined trader.