Wednesday, 21 October 2015

14th Trading Day - 131 Ticks In Theory

Why 131 ticks in theory? The answer is... due to consistency in data collection!

The 101indicators's trading guides did experience the 131 ticks of losses in theory in the multiple losing trades as mentioned in the last few posts. Read back the articles for clearer picture.

First, look at the change of 3rd contract month which is the most active contract month for cpo futures continuous chart trading. What was the difference between the contract months? If the spread was 30 ticks, then when the 2314 was initiated, it was a new contract month. The cut loss point was actually 2284 against the previous short 2277 before the stop and reverse buy trade signal 2314 was triggered. Get it?

Second, due to consistency in data collection, accept the 131 ticks in theory losses even though the actual trading book showed less! This is in order to balance out over the years where we probably have 30 ticks difference extra losses in the trading book too!

How many stop and reverse trade signals already for this month as of the last long 2297?

Two profit trades, Five losing trades and One Breakeven trade (we categorized them as SIX multiple losing trades); Therefore, it is basically SEVEN (amendment 23/10/2015: Eight not Seven!) stop and reverse trade signals already as of the last long 2297.

Focus the long 2297 now. Will it add as another losing trade or as a profit trade? How much is the monthly accumulated profit now? Readers traders can find them out in the last few posts.