Monday, 19 October 2015

10th 11th 12th Trading Days - Multiple Losing Trades

101indicators's traders, who followed strictly in the above trading days in this month, had experienced the multiple losing trades. Change of new contract month also affected the stop and reverse trade signals that incurred more accumulated losses in the multiple losing trades.

Read the previous post, readers traders should be able to find out that the long 2320 was the last write-up and we did not publish any trade signals after the last post on Tuesday. Let's talk about the last 3 trading days including today!

On 10th trading day (15/10/2015, Thursday), there were 3 stop and reverse trade signals in one day! sell 2281 buy 2298 sell 2277. Know how much was the total losses? 77 ticks of accumulated losses in one day! Remember the monthly accumulated profits of 252 ticks? 252 - 77 = 175. Yes, the monthly accumulated profits had been reduced from 252 ticks to 175 ticks in just one trading days! Feel the fear???

On 11th trading day (16/10/2015, Friday), change of new contract month, triggering stop and reverse buy trade signal at 2314. Therefore, 2277 - 2314 is another loss of 37 ticks. Monthly accumulated profits was further reduced from 175 ticks to 138 ticks. See the difference due to the multiple losing trades??? Four continuous losing trades that we used to say as Multiple Losing Trades.

On the 12th trading day, today, the long 2314 is remained holding on until further notice. Therefore, focus on the long 2314 and keep doing data collection, enjoying fear and greed, and we finally have something to write more about multiple losing trades for new readers traders to see.


(410pm write-up) It is the 5th multiple losing trades after the long 2314 had to cut loss turn sell 2297. How much is the total accumulated losses from the multiple losing trades? How much is the monthly accumulated profit now? Think about it since readers traders can easily find out from this blog.

We will now focus on the short 2297 from now on. Enjoy the fear and greed. Continue data collection homework. Can we see more than 5 multiple losing trades? Look back the September until December in year 2014. We did write about multiple losing trades that more than 10...yes it was more than 10!

We wish new readers traders read our articles at least from last week of September (last month not 2014) in following our posts for this three months.

We will like to mention here that we have successfully showed the multiple losing trades even though  there may not be a 6th losing trades after this post! Unless the cpo futures price is closed high today for us to continue to talk about multiple losing trades! Go back to the September 2014 if you wish to read the more than 10 multiple losing trades experience!