Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Why October Is A Bad Start?

Why is it a bad start for October's write-up? Read the below phrase...(or please read the previous 3 articles to get a better picture.)

" Starting in the first day of October, readers traders who did own the 101indicators On Futures Trading book but did not practice as shown in the page 153 and page 154 would probably miss the stop and reverse buy trade signal 2150 triggered on 21/9/2015..."

The long 2150 based on the 101indicators On Futures Trading book and its data collection had generated a huge floating profit of more than 300 ticks will definitely put us in a difficult environment to start the October write-up.

This is because the profit cannot be recorded in September, it will be recorded either in October or even November if the long is not triggered with a stop and reverse sell signal in October. Since there will few stop and reverse trade signals in October, and we therefore believe that the profit will be posted in October. Actually we wish to see more stop and reverse trades, be profits or losses, in this 3 months' write-up to let new readers traders to learn multiple losing trades and the fear and greed!

Let us wait and see what will be the realized profit for the long 2150 when the stop and reverse sell trade signal is triggered in the month of October.