Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What To Do If You Miss The First Trade?

Starting in the first day of October, readers traders who did own the 101indicators On Futures Trading book but did not practice as shown in the page 153 and page 154 would probably miss the stop and reverse buy trade signal 2150 triggered on 21/9/2015. Or, lucky enough the new stop and reverse trade signal is just started on the first trading day of October that we wish to share with readers traders. Be it a profit or loss, it will not have much impact in our discussion and brainstorming for the coming three months.

What shall you do if you miss a trade?

If the cpo futures price movement now at 2230 and you long 2230, you have missed 80 ticks from the long 2150 trade signal and will incur a loss of 30 ticks if the next stop and reverse sell trade signal at 2200 is triggered instead of 50 ticks profit trade from the 2150 to 2200.

If your account  has $20,000, it will be $19,250 instead of $21,250. Get it?

Therefore, it is very important for 101indicators's traders to follow systematically what is written in the page 153 and page 154 in order to be disciplined technical trend traders. Simple mathematical calculation is the most important basic criteria you must have it or else find your own methodology of trading, not from here.

Again, always remember - data collection, multiple losing trades, fear and greed. (read the previous post!)

You may miss the October or November. However, don't miss your year 2016 and beyond if you want to practice our methodology of trading rhythm. Buckle up yourselves in the last week of December 2015 if you wish to ride on the "rough sea" of cpo futures trading in year 2016 and beyond...

Be a disciplined trader.