Thursday, 17 September 2015

Palm Oil Long 1963 - Take Profit And Sell 2143 At 5pm

Readers traders must take note that we had temporarily stopped providing the "one hour in advance's stop and reverse trade signals" since June and we will also stop the delayed stop and reverse trade signals after today.

In short, today is the last update of the stop and reverse trade signal for the indicator Y.

We will summarize the performance of the indicator Y by end of the year just for reference.

At 5pm just now, the indicator Y long 1963 (since 28/8/2015) on FCPO for the short term technical trend trading had finally taken 180 ticks of profit and turned selling 2143. There is theoretically an artificial extra profit for about 40 ticks due to the change of new contract month that had much higher prices.

However, we will keep recording them as what it has so that we can systematically record all our data. You may put a remark to record the difference of the prices like "-40" so that you will know there is a discount of 40 ticks between the old contract month and new contract month.

Be a disciplined technical trend trader.