Monday, 7 September 2015

Palm Oil Long 1963 - Artificial Target!

The indicator Y long 1963 is holding on today or even longer than expected now after cpo futures price failed to trigger its stop and reverse sell trade signals last week.

Read back previous posts for some refreshment if needed.

We do wish to see the 400 ticks accumulated profit target is hit before 15th September to avoid any "artificial target" being generated due to rollover price.

This is because if the long 1963 is held on after 15th, change of new contract month may easily help the indicator Y hit its target artificially. There is a spread premium of 50 over ticks, and cpo futures price hit 2050 will mean the 2100 is recorded due to change of contract month.

Thus, we wish to see the target hit before 15th September even though it is a much delayed target as compared to the FKLI using the same indicator Y trading guides that already achieved the 400 ticks accumulated target in June.