Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Palm Oil Short 2184 - Why Think Of Losses Not Profit?

New readers traders must not think of the short 2184 that had given such a good profit at the close 2035 today. You must read from the start in September 2014 until today if you seriously wish to know technical trend trading employed by CPO Futures blog.

Read about and take note on the fear and greed, multiple losing trades, monthly accumulated profit and loss, stop and reverse trade signals. All those words are the technical jargon that being used in this blog in helping 101indicators' traders who had purchased our books, comparing them in finding their trading rhythm in trading success while building their respective trading disciplines.

Mastering an technical trend indicator will have to take years; only then, the technical trend trader will have the trading rhythm in tandem to his/her proven profitable technical trend indicator.

Data collection, back testing, trading rules and methods and many more technical jargon will not be enough unless you have read the book 100 times!

Find how many losing trades in a row - multiple losing trades - since the September 2014 for you as a new reader trader so that you will think twice before making conclusion on this good trade. The short 2184 is still a "floating" profit trade since the stop and reverse buy trade signal is not triggered yet.

We will post the stop and reverse buy trade signal only after it is triggered. No more trade signal one hour in advance.