Monday, 10 August 2015

Palm Oil Short 2184 - 2006 Will Be The Lowest?

Since the indicator Y turned selling 2184 on the cpo futures, we had seen the lowest 2006 being traded while no stop and reverse buy trade signal was triggered since 24/7. We will post the stop and reverse buy trade signal only after it is triggered in coming trading sessions or trading days since we no longer give one hour in advance early trade signals.

We just wish to see when will the 400 ticks target be reached? At which stop and reverse trade will the 400 ticks target be reached? In our views, readers traders must always read back all the previous articles especially since the beginning of September 2014 so that you will pick up something useful ideas in motivating yourselves to explore the technical trend trading using certain technical trend indicators like our 101indicators.

As of today, we have 1901 articles being published in just the CPO Futures blog. Take your time, do some soul searching, reach out the old articles and wish you really find some good trading rhythm after reading those old articles.