Monday, 24 August 2015

Palm Oil Sell 1999 - Where Is The Target?

If readers traders followed the past articles that we kept talking about profit targets, you should be able to understand what we meant the 400 ticks accumulated profit target.

So, the short 1999 based on the indicator Y trading guides will have its target at what level before we can call it day?

222 ticks accumulated profits per contract size since the beginning of year 2015 and as at the last short 1999, the indicator Y will need another 178 ticks in order to achieve its "much delayed" target as compared to the indicator Y on FKLI short term technical trend trading.

CPO Futures will have to trade 1821 in near future (i.e. 1999 - 178) after turning sell 1999 in achieving its 400 ticks target!

1821 target is 165 ticks before the closing price 1986 on Friday! another "long long" journey!