Thursday, 20 August 2015

Palm Oil Long 2028(48) - Sell 1999 At 1230pm

We had just posted a write-up 50 minutes ago about the cut loss turn sell technical reading especially about the rollover that affected the Beta page. Please read it if readers traders have just touched on this write-up. We will not re-write in this write-up again.

The indicator Y long 2028(48) had finally cut loss turned selling at 1230pm today. It incurred a loss of 29 ticks (actually 49 ticks) according to the indicator Y short term technical trend indicator trading guides.

We will focus on the short 1999 from now on and the previous 400 ticks accumulated profit target at 2177 no longer valid.

Where is the next 400 ticks accumulated profit target after turning sell just 1 tick below 2000 at 1230pm? Think about it!

We will only post the target and accumulated profits in the next article or write-up. Readers traders may find back the previous posts and do the simple calculation to train your minds.