Monday, 17 August 2015

Palm Oil Long 2028 - Roll Over 20 Ticks Higher!

Checking back the previous post, readers traders should know that the long 2028 had been initiated on the last day of expiry date on last Friday. Long 2028 on the October contract month will be rollover to 2048 on the November contract month.

It is 20 ticks higher and will make the indicator Y long 2028 to be changed to long 2048 after the rollover is made.

In theory, the 20 ticks higher will make the indicator Y having advantage of 20 ticks especially on calculating the profit and loss on a single trade. However, it is not in real situation. Think about it!

Can the 400 ticks profit target be hit? 2177 - 2047 is another 130 ticks to go!