Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Palm Oil Short 2184 - 1879 Target?

Why 1879 target? If readers traders ask such a question, readers traders are advised to go back the previous articles and digest further what we try to mention all this while.

Be frank, be simple... Where is the next 400 ticks profit target level based on the sell 2184 now? Remember we mentioned 2445 target, it is not valid any more since it is a sell signal now at 2184, think about it!

(Previous write-up) 400 - 95 = 305; so, 2184 - 305 = 1879!!! Yes, 1879 only hit the 400 ticks target we eagerly wanted since the beginning of this year!

It is basically the half year mark for the yearly performance target  that we wish to have, so the short 2184 using the indicator Y wish to see cpo futures price hit 1879 in order to reach the 400 ticks target.

Since it is near end of July, the 400 ticks target will most probably not be hit. Another delay again as compared to FKLI which had already achieved the 400 ticks target in June as readers traders can see in the BETA page!