Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Palm Oil s2238 - Fear And Greed

Can the indicator Y get its 400 ticks target by this month?

We had seen the two losing trades in this month that had substantially reduced the accumulated profits to 101 ticks ( like 101indicators!!! ;) ) even though the floating profit is now able to "replenish" the two losing trades based on the short 2238 using the indicator Y!

If readers traders can remember or read back our old articles, let's enjoy the fear and greed!

Take note and remember it, we did have high stop and reverse trades in the first half of this year which were 29 stop and reverse trades as readers traders can find the figure in the Beta page in this CPO Futures blog.

Therefore, think about it, what will be the figure for the second half of this year? Can it be less than 29?

If you see less stop and reverse trade signal, then we will definitely assure you that the indicator Y will reach its 800 ticks target by year end. However, let's look at the 400 ticks target first.