Monday, 13 July 2015

Palm Oil s2238 - 4pm Long 2192, 46 Ticks Profit Only!

After turning short 2238 on 6/7/2015, cpo futures price did reach the low 2132 and we wrote about the fear and greed, the indicator Y had finally taken a much lesser profit by turning long 2192 at 4pm just now.

The accumulated profits had been reduced to 101 ticks (like 101indicators !!!) from 174 ticks after the first two losing trades in July, what is the accumulated profit now after turning long at 4pm today?

The short term technical trend trading indicator Y had two losing trades and one winning trade in July, the beginning of second half for year 2015, that we still have not seen the 400 ticks profit target! When will the indicator Y reach the target like what we did see in FKLI which already reach the target much earlier?

(147 ticks accumulated profits now after turning long 2192 will still need another 253 ticks for the 400 ticks target!)