Thursday, 2 July 2015

Palm Oil Long 2272 At 4pm

Even though we are starting to take our "short break" and no longer giving out the indicator Y's indicative price one hour in advance, we wish to respond to readers traders' earnest requests by posting the stop and reverse trade signals after the indicative prices are triggered.

This is indirectly helping readers traders to be more independent with own trading rhythm while referring ours as a guide especially novice technical trend traders or "green-horns".

Again, please accept our sincere apologies if there is a delay update. For example, we may just post few indicative prices that being triggered only in one write-up after a couple of days.

Today, the indicator Y started its first losing trade for the month of July by cutting losses 39 ticks and turning long 2272 at 4pm in the afternoon trading sessions according to the short term technical trend indicator trading guides on cpo futures trading. It had a short at 2233 on the last day of June.

Be disciplined traders.