Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Palm Oil Long 2192 - Target 2445?

It is always our primary objective in motivating more readers traders to have own researches on technical trend trading using all kinds of technical trend indicators with systematical methods like what we have kept writing all this while. (Hope that we really motivate you especially after reading our two books!)

Do it yourselves in a spreadsheet format by recording all the trades and trade signals as shown in the Beta page can help you track down all kinds of possibilities! For example, why we kept mentioning the different profit targets since the beginning of this year, seeing the indicator Y turned buy and turned sell in finding its 400 ticks profit targets to help readers traders do some soul searching.

So, what is the 2445 meant to you and what do you know about 2445?

It is the 400 ticks profit target that we wish to get! The cpo futures price must go to such a "high" level in this single trade so that we can call it a day that we have achieved the half way mark of year 2015 which FKLI had already hit it much earlier as you can see in the Beta page.

FKLI is the winner in year 2015 in competing with FCPO for the 400 ticks half way mark of year 2015 based on the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides!