Friday, 24 July 2015

Palm Oil Long 2192 - Sell Buy Sell?

Sell Buy Sell ? Yes! After turning long 2192 as mentioned in the previous post, the cpo futures technical trend indicator Y short term trend trading had been hit with multiple losing trades without being published in the CPO Futures blog! (We did inform readers traders earlier that no updates on stop and reverse trade signals!)

First, the indicator Y took small profit turned sell 2197 against the long 2192, but it later cut loss 22 ticks turned long 2219, and then again, it cut loss 35 ticks turned sell 2184 in the morning trading session Friday today.

Six stop and reverse trade signals in July incurred accumulated losses 79 ticks as of today! How much the accumulated profits now? 95 ticks from 174 ticks made in the first six months! Can readers traders feel the fear and greed?

Where is the next 400 ticks profit target level based on the sell 2184 now? Not 2445 any more since it is a sell signal now at 2184, think about it!

400 - 95 = 305; so, 2184 - 305 = 1879!!! Yes, 1879 only hit the 400 ticks target we eagerly wanted since the beginning of this year!

Focus on the short 2184 now and see whether cpo futures price can hit 1879 or not.