Wednesday, 1 July 2015

600 Ticks To Earn For 101indicators Traders!

Traders who have 101indicators On Futures Trading book:

You may have been doing badly like the indicator Y for the first half of year 2015. The cpo futures accumulated profit was 174 ticks on the indicator Y.

According to our data collection, the cpo futures accumulated profit was 198 ticks for the 101indicators On Futures Trading book on short term technical trend trading at the end of June 2015.

As recorded in the full year 2014, the 101indicators On Futures Trading book did help cpo futures traders generating 966 ticks profits (or $24,150 per contract size basis) on short term technical trend trading. It basically allowed cpo futures traders to buy more than 100 101indicators On Futures Trading books by the end of the year 2014!

Readers traders in this CPO FUTURES blog had seen the first half of this year accumulated profit 174 ticks (according to our data collection for the indicator Y on cpo futures only); if a target of 800 ticks for this year, we still short of 626 ticks to be collected in the second half of this year for both!

Go to the if you are new readers traders and we wish that you can learn something from there too.

Compare the 101indicators On Futures Trading book and the blog will definitely help you find the right rhythm in trading success.

Therefore, work harder and see you can reach such level or not, and all the best to you.

Be a disciplined trader.